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Blue and green pieces of sea glass

SeaGlass Literary

Sparkling with creativity and colourful ideas

Our Mission

Our goal is to give young writers and artists a platform to publish their most creative, fantastical, and unique ideas. We also want to give youth a free and accessible way to publish their pieces. We believe in equality and giving everyone a voice. So, what crazy ideas have you come up with?

You can submit...

Short Stories

Flash Fiction


Traditional & Digital Art

Creative Nonfiction

A Brief History

It all started with a girl who insisted on being different. She loved crazy fantastical ideas and was bursting with them. She wondered why these fantastical ideas were passed over for more common ones. So, she decided to create a literary magazine for young people to express their craziest of ideas. She gathered a small team of friends and made it happen. Now, here we are!

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